Chad Johnson On Refusing His Fiancee’s Request For A Prenup: ‘The Roles Are Reversed Now’

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is proudly explaining why he refused his fiancee’s request for a prenuptial agreement. According to the NFL alumnus, “the roles are reversed,” and he’s enjoying being a stay-at-home dad.

Johnson recently appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s Nightcap podcast where he was asked about his decision not to sign a prenup with Sharelle Rosado. While it’s common for professional athletes to demand prenups on their spouses, Johnson is breaking the mold by refusing his wife-to-be’s attempt to protect her assets.

“She talking about we getting married next year and had the nerve to bring me papers to make me sign a prenup,” Johnson told Sharpe.

When Sharpe told Johnson “You’re supposed to,” the former wide receiver explained why he was adamant about not signing the papers.

For Johnson, now that he’s dating a woman who’s the breadwinner in the relationship, he sees firsthand why many have been reluctant to sign a prenup when dating a wealthy spouse.

“I see that feeling women have because this woman has provided me with the ability to be a stay-at-home dad,” Johnson explained.

“I ain’t got to do nothing, but take care of the kids. I get to play video games all day. I ain’t got to go to work. Do you know what that feels like? To have somebody like that.”

“The roles are reversed now,” he continued.

“So I see how women be feeling when they be going crazy over dudes when dudes got money. I get it now you get to chill and you ain’t got to do nothing.”

Sharpe attempted to offer his own advice to Johnson and recommended signing a prenup if you don’t have any money.

“Because if you leave you leave with all of your nothing and not half of it,” Sharpe said.

But Johnson wasn’t budging on his no-prenup stance.

“See you hear what you just said: that’s why I’m not signing nothing,” he said.

Johnson proposed to Rosado in January with a 7.5-carat ring, People reports. The proposal came one year after they welcomed their daughter, Serenity.

“I’m so emotional because when we first started dating, he used to always tell me, ‘I’m going to make you my wife,'” Rosado said of the proposal.

“Although in my heart I knew we were always meant to be, now that it’s official, it’s even more special than I could have ever dreamed.”

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