Protect Yourself Against Scams

Stop Scams in Their Tracks

Scammers don’t discriminate. According to the Better Business Bureau, scammers target just about every demographic–single, married, male, female, and certainly seniors. To end their tactics, the BBB has partnered with Western Union to launch a Scam Stopper website that offers tips on how to protect yourself ( Tricks can include fake checks, emergency money requests, employment, phishing, lottery, and prepayment scams. Consumers should exercise caution when business, work-from-home opportunities, or emergency money requests arise. To reduce your chance of becoming a victim, go directly to a website instead of following the link provided, call the business to confirm the identity of a person making contact with you, and check out to find business reviews. Also, be sure to sign up for the Do Not Call List if you are receiving frequent unwanted calls from telemarketers. You can also utilize the online complaint form on the BBB website to resolve an issue you have with a business.