‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley Talks Promotions Business, Latest Bout

‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley Talks Promotions Business, Latest Bout

'Sugar' Shane Mosley will face off with Sergio Mora Saturday, Sept. 18 at the Staples Center.

When one thinks of boxing greats, the list is often never without ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley. And that’s not without merit. Mosley, the WBA Welterweight Champion who was a prominent fighter on NBC’s The Contender, was a three-time National Amateur champion, as well as a 1992 Olympic team member, and has won world titles in several weight divisions.

The welterweight boxer took a break from prepping for his latest fight against Sergio Mora, a bout to be held at Los Angeles’ Staples Center Sept. 18, to talk with BlackEnterprise.com about his passion for mentoring young fighters and his role as a managing partner of Golden Boy Promotions, a boxing promotions firm founded by Oscar De La Hoya.

BlackEnterprise.com: How do you prepare yourself physically and mentally for a fight?
First thing I like to do is go to Big Bear Mountain [in California]. I conduct all my training up there. Going to the mountains and being secluded with my sparring partners and trainers allows me to focus and I’m at peace. There’re not many distractions.

As a fighter, how do you shift gears and be a managing partner of Golden Boy Promotions?
Well, I just go out and scout fighters. I know a lot of the business and [novice boxers] look up to me. I give them as much information as I can so that, hopefully, they can become champions. I give them that help and that edge. Myself, [managing partner] Bernard [Hopkins] and Oscar [De La Hoya] have our own fighters who we mold and build within Golden Boy Promotions.

What do you love most about being in the boxing promotions business?
I love recruiting young fighters and helping them become better. Even as a promoter, I’m somewhat of a trainer as well. When they come to me with questions about a certain punch, I can advise them because I know, I have the experience.

What do you teach them about the business side of the profession?
Make sure you take care of your money and don’t spend lavishly as soon as you get your first big check. A lot of guys get a check and they say, ‘Hey, I just got a million dollars,’ when really you just got maybe $400,000 or $500,000. There’re taxes and other expenses that have to be accounted for.

I also tell them, don’t just go out and start buying cars and houses and you haven’t paid your taxes. I tell them things like that to help them understand that when you make a million, you really haven’t made a million. You still have to pay your manager, promoters, etc.

What advice do you have for boxers seeking success in the sport?

  • Be very disciplined in going after your goals.
  • Train hard and really believe that you can become a world champion, a great fighter.
  • And always have the proper money management in place while you focus on your game.

What qualities should a promoter embody to be successful in the business?
You definitely should have a passion for the sport, and be a people person where you can be able to talk to the younger fighters and relate to them. And know the business — know what you’re getting into.

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