Supa Cent Talks Her Journey From Housekeeper to Beauty Mogul & Social Media Star

Supa Cent Talks Her Journey From Housekeeper to Beauty Mogul & Social Media Star

The beauty mogul and social media star Raynell “Supa Cent” Steward sat down with Hip Hop & Enterprise to dish on her journey going from a housekeeper to founder of the $50 million dollar brand The Crayon Case.

Supa Cent took the beauty community by storm after already finding fame online as a social media influencer. By 2020, no one was expecting her to make headlines when the Crayon Case brand sold $1 million dollars of products in under 90 minutes.

Speaking with BLACK ENTERPRISE, Supa recalls how she found success in social media early on and how she leveraged her social media influence to launch her beauty brand which continues to scale and satisfy beauty consumers from all backgrounds.

Supa’s Crayon Case company is a leader among the pack of beauty brands. The company features a playful line of products in vibrant colors, marketed to resemble a box of crayons that has been a constant staple on Oprah’s favorite things.

Supa describes herself as being just a normal girl from New Orleans who has a public sense of humor. Her transparency, comedic flair, and spectrum of social media content helped get her to where she is today.

When she started doing videos on Vine in 2013, they were so raw and unapologetic — people instantly gravitated to them. Supa didn’t care how people reacted because they felt where she was coming from.

A look at her current comments section reveals that her supporters have watched her digital footprint grow over the years and now feel emotionally attached to seeing her succeed, with many of them citing her as a source of inspiration to follow their own dreams.

As a mother, successful CEO, influencer, NOLA native, and bride-to-be, Supa Cent has so much to share and does so with ease. Keeping it real is something that comes naturally for the former housekeeper who started a number of failed businesses before staking a claim in the beauty industry.

“I think a lot of people think The Crayon Case was my first business but it wasn’t,” Supa told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“It was I think it was maybe my fourth business. And, I think I was ready to do it because that was the one business I was gonna be extremely passionate about by being makeup.”

Press play below to learn more about Supa Cent’s journey from employee to social media star turned boss.