Suspects Who Allegedly Killed Black Military Couple Might Have Robbed Them Days Prior

Suspects Who Allegedly Killed Black Military Couple Might Have Robbed Them Days Prior

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Two suspects are being accused of gunning down a military family in front of their yard on Thursday afternoon, in Springfield, Va.

Nineteen-year-old D’Angelo Strand and Ronnie Marshall, 20, were charged for the murder of Col. Edward McDaniel Jr., 55, and Brenda McDaniel, 63, Fox News reported.

There was a  $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the shooters, according to WTOP, all-news radio station licensed to serve Washington, D.C.

Early in the morning on Wednesday, around 9: 20 a.m., a shooter or shooters approached the home of the Fairfax couple who served in the military physicians, WTTG.

It was a “”brutal double murder” Police Chief Kevin Davis told reporters the day of the shootings.

Before the couple were killed, the McDaniel residence was broken into by robbers, which Brenda at the time told authorities that she believed people were going after her son.

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We do believe Monday’s response is directly connected with [Wednesday’s] tragedy, and that vehicle is associated with the double homicide,” Maj. Ed O’Carroll, bureau chief of Major Crimes Cyber and Forensics for Fairfax County police, said. WTOP reported. “I think there’s a direct correlation, to who was there Monday was there [on Wednesday].”

The McDaniel’s son was not identity and his connection with Strand and Marshall was not explained either.

However, it was reported on Wednesday that two people inside were reported to be unharmed when the  incident occurred.

First responders found two people inside the home who were physically unharmed.

Investigators are still looking into the matter.

“We’re very interested in knowing the exact nature of the dispute, so we’re working really hard to figure out what that is. But as of now the motive is a dispute, we’re working hard to figure out what it was all about, but it harkens back to Monday.”