Tabitha Brown Headlines Hallmark Mahogany’s Black Women Empowerment Event In Atlanta

Tabitha Brown Headlines Hallmark Mahogany’s Black Women Empowerment Event In Atlanta

Tabitha Brown is leading a star-studded list of speakers at Hallmark Mahogany’s inaugural event, “Mahogany Moment.” The “curated brand experience” will host panels and discussions for Black women to connect and empower one another.

The event, taking place in Atlanta Oct.1, will also feature Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey and TV host Egypt Sherrod, and other influencers and professionals who will share their experiences and insights.

“We’re calling it the Mahogany Moment because right now, as we think about what’s happening in culture for Black women, it’s a movement,” Mahogany’s vice president, Alex Kerr, told Rolling Out. “It is a time for us to gather but also support each other. So, the Mahogany Moment is about empowerment. It’s also about taking a step from behind the curtain and discussing what it means to be soulful.”

Of Brown’s inclusion as headliner, Kerr  touched on how the content creator “exemplifies” all that they are trying to promote with the experience.

“The intersection of a person like Tabitha Brown is that person when you think about Hallmark; everything about us is about care. When we think about Tabitha, I feel like she exemplifies friendly, sisterly, motherly, auntie, and, in some cases, depending on the age, that grandma care and love,” Kerr said.

The “Mahogany Moment” strives to speak to every women’s purpose in segments such as “Self-Care in the Midst of Ambition” and “Nurturing All Aspects of Your Creativity,” in which Brown is the keynote speaker.

Hallmark Mahogany is a personal expression brand, part of the card company’s portfolio, that centers and caters to the African-American demographic. This event seeks to not only engage further with their intended community but be a beacon of networking and support for Black women as they pursue their personal and professional ambitions.

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