Tabitha Brown Helps Black-Owned Brand Skyrocket Sales From $200 to Over $23K in a Week

Just a hint of Tabitha magic and business was booming for this Black couple within a week.

Actress and social media personality Tabitha Brown is responsible for a huge boost in sales for Black-owned business, Brand Avenue, a marriage lifestyle apparel brand owned by couple Marc and Ima Carnelus. 

According to AfroTech, Brown and her husband Chance Brown flaunted a sweater set from the company during a March episode of their YouTube series, Fridays with Tab and Chance. After viewers saw the Browns rocking the apparel, Marc and Ima gained a profit of over $23,000 from March 10 to March 16. The week before, the Carneluses brought in around $200.

The couple, who launched Brand Avenue in 2014, shared that they had been struggling for six months prior to the YouTube feature.

“We even considered shutting the business down altogether,” Marc Carnelus shared in an Instagram post. “This is our main source of income and it’s been super tough.”

“We have been praying in the midst of all that for a breakthrough, for a sign to keep going, a miracle,” Ima Carnelus added. “We’ve had people really rallying around us, supporting us, praying for us, helping us financially because we still got bills to pay. And God answered our prayers.”

Reportedly, sales for the couple’s brand blew up overnight after the Browns posted the episode to their channel.

“This is the Tabitha effect,” Marc Carnelus said.

“I love this so much and it’s just another reason I can’t wait to bring back Very Good Mondays!!! So happy for you guys @brandaveclothing,” Brown shared on her Instagram page. “Keep believing and keep trusting God, he got you!!!!” The content creator was also seen sporting another item from the brand in a separate episode.

The Chi actress created Very Good Mondays in 2020 as a way to feature and support small businesses.