Tabitha Brown Partners With The Calm App to Read Us A Bedtime Story

Tabitha Brown Partners With The Calm App to Read Us A Bedtime Story

(Image: Tabitha Brown/Instagram)

Social media influencer Tabitha Brown is taking her ASMR skills over to The Calm App in an effort to help us peacefully fall asleep.

The vegan enthusiast took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce her bedtime story that’s coming to the popular meditation app. “Thank you all so much for the love today,” she captioned a video promo for the new series. “Maaannn I love y’all!!! Big thank you again to @calm for making this happen!🙌🏿 Now, whose ready for a good bed time story tonight? Come on in the room whenever you’re ready, I’ll be here on @calm waiting.”


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The new partnership includes “Slowing Down With Tabitha Brown,” a soothing bedtime story co-authored and narrated by Brown that Calm subscribers can listen to at their leisure. Known for her naturally calming voice and bubbly personality, Brown shared her journey to storytelling and how the bedtime story was inspired by her own personal journey to self-love and peace.

“I’m a storyteller by nature,” Brown told Essence. “I’m from the country. We’d grow up telling stories, and I love that. I love that they let me co-write with them, and add things, and give my own little feel into it as well. Just getting in the studio and telling the story, it was just so peaceful within, right?”

Tabitha Brown

She went on to explain how her 3 million followers helped her land the new Calm App deal.

“Well, it really started because people would start tagging Calm every day on Twitter and saying, ‘You know what? Give this woman a sleep story,” Brown said. “We need to hear how to go to sleep. Her voice helps my anxiety. It calms me down,’ and I was like, you know what? That ain’t a bad idea and it aligns with everything that I’m about, just being good to yourself. Because that’s what it is. When you take the time to be calm, that means you are actually taking the time to be good to yourself, and to reset, and to calm down. That’s everything that I am, so I was like, ‘I want to do it, let’s do it.’”