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[Passion to Purpose] Meet Cabral M. Miller, Eyewear Proprietor and Principal at The Eye Whisperer

Tyrus Townsend
With over 30 years of experience, there comes a time when one must evolve--hence how "The Eye Whisperer” was born. Equal parts consulting and styling,...
Fashion & Beauty

Office Chic: 5 Cool Frames for Professional Flair

Janell Hazelwood
Utenzi Miller-Johnson, entrepreneur and optician at New Jersey-based Elegant Eyes, gives her top eyewear picks and tells how to choose the right frames for you....
Health and Wellness

Eye Sore: Three Quick Tips to Avoid Behind-the-Desk Strain

Janell Hazelwood
Entrepreneur and optician Utenzi Miller-Johnson offers these steps to improve and maintain your eyesight....