Take 20% Off This Outbound Marketing Subscription For Green Monday

Take 20% Off This Outbound Marketing Subscription For Green Monday

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Anyone who has worked in marketing knows just how valuable an asset a targeted audience can be. Outbound marketing is just as important as any facet of a business, and those without successful ways to do so can quickly find themselves out of business. While necessary, successful outbound marketing is far from easy. It takes a lot of legwork and trial and error.

With the Prelo Standard Plan, much of that valuable information is placed in the hands of others whose methods have proven successful over the year. For a limited time, you can purchase lifetime access to Prelo Standard Plan for only $47.99 with the code GREEN20.

Created specifically with small businesses in mind. The software includes an algorithm that helps users identify tech startups at the right time in the growth cycle. It uses information found on revenue, fundraisers, hires, and other metrics from businesses.

The information collected is then used to create a list of key decision-makers to connect with each week. Furthermore, Prelo provides more than 200 well-to-do tech startups spanning various industries along with access to key information from LinkedIn details, websites from companies, and hiring news.

Currently, Prelo users have rated the software 4.5 stars on AppSumo. “Prelo is simple to understand and easy to use. Very convenient time-saving tool with reliable search results. Don’t hesitate, start using Prelo!” writes Oksana Shipilova, business development executive.

Reviewer Brian Leung writes, “If outbound marketing was a superhero and they had a name, it’d be Prelo”

Additionally, your purchase of this deal also entitles you to access Prelo’s private Slack channel, so you can share ideas with other Prelo users.

With outbound marketing being so vital to a business’s success, you can never be too diligent when locating helpful tools. Prelo offers everything needed to successfully enhance your outbound marketing efforts. Purchase it today.

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