Tap Into True Vinyl Bliss With This Bluetooth Turntable
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Tap Into True Vinyl Bliss With This Bluetooth Turntable

Bluetooth vinyl player
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It’s no secret to anyone who follows the music scene that vinyl has reemerged in a major way. Whether it’s music purists who long for the days of hearing the needle scratch a record, or audiophiles who appreciate hearing sound in its purest form, the recent vinyl boom has shown it doesn’t plan on slowing any time soon.

Experience the true vinyl experience with the mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player for just $249. That’s a savings of 31% from its MSRP ($363). It plays 33/45 RPM vinyl.

At its core, the mbeat® PT-18K is a traditional record player. However, it’s been updated to include some technical aspects that really make it stand out. It’s fitted with a metal allow patter that greatly reduces vibrations and signal disturbance. It’s fitted with a moving magnet cartridge, which makes accurate tracking and cleaner sound possible.

“Great value! I have been searching for a good quality turntable at a decent price point & I finally found it! Thank-You!” writes verified 5-star purchaser Anthony C.

While this turntable does all the things a regular turntable can, it enhances the vinyl listening experience through its Bluetooth transmitter, which allows you to listen to your vinyl records on Bluetooth-compatible wireless speakers or headphones. You can also plug the mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player into wired (RCA/phono out) speakers.

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Additionally, play and record vinyl directly to your PC to digitize your collection, or take it with you on your laptop, phone, or tablet. This truly is a turntable tailored for true connoisseurs that has evolved to match the technology of the time.

There’s never been a better time to get into vinyl – or back into it if you’ve been away. Reissues of old classics are also a good excuse to spend on a turntable that doesn’t lack quality or features. Purchase this high-quality turntable today and experience the joy of pure vinyl.

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