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Teach Your Children The Building Blocks Of Finance

watching television programs that follow the market and our national economy. Have discussions about what’s in the financial news. It’s important to do something that puts your children on the correct path to good money management. And as always, follow the coverage of our Black Wealth Initiative. For a Wealth Building Kit or to open a ShareBuilder Custodial Account for your child (an online brokerage account), visit blackenterprise.com.

A resource guide to help you teach your
children about money management
Here at BLACK ENTERPRISE, we encourage our readers to introduce the children in their lives (including nieces, nephews, and grandchildren) the fundamental principles of money management. We know that building wealth and teaching solid money-management skills to our children is a continuous process. Therefore, the following resources are designed to help parents teach today’s children the basics of financial empowerment.


  • blackenterprise.com. BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine seeks out, analyzes, and disseminates information that is helpful to, and provides a forum for, the ideas, ambitions, and expression of African American business people.
  • www.myownbizkit.com This Website offers business opportunities to parents and their children who are highly motivated and interested in learning about entrepreneurship.
  • www.youthventure.org This Website helps young people across the country start new youth-led organizations that achieve a lasting benefit for their schools and communities.
  • www.youthinvestor.com This Website offers insightful information that introduces young people to concept of investing.
  • www.fleetkids.com This Website contains a wealth of knowledge to help parents teach their children about money and investing.
  • www.bankingonourfuture.org Helping children take control of their financial future, this Website offer the basics in banking and credit unions, checking and savings accounts, insurance, credit, and investments.
  • www.jumpstartcoalition.org This site’s direct objective is to encourage curriculum enrichment to ensure that basic personal financial management skills are attained during grades K—12.
  • www.ncee.net/ea/program.php This organization provides materials and programs to help schools across the country meet state academic standards in economics, personal finance, and social studies.
  • www.teachingkidsbusiness.com This is a free online resource that helps kids in grades K—12 discover, explore, and gain experience in the world of business.
  • www.ja.org Junior Achievement uses hands-on experiences to help young people understand the economics of life.


  • NAACP Reginald F. Lewis Youth Entrepreneurial Institute; 410-580-5745; www.naacp.org
  • National Association of Investment Corp. (Trade group for investment clubs); 877-275-6242; www.better-invest ing.org/subjects/youth
  • The Institute for Entrepreneurship; 414-302-9922; www.theeplace.org
  • The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship; 800-367-6383; www.nfte.com

Books & Publications

  • Banking on Our Future: A Program for Teaching You and Your Kids About Money by John Bryant & Michael Levin (Beacon Press; $14.00)
  • Raising Financially Fit Kids by Joline Godfrey (Ten Speed Press; $19.95)
  • Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Financially Responsible Children by Neale S. Godfrey and Carolina Edwards (Simon & Schuster; $12.00)
  • Make More than Your Parents: Your Guide to Financial Freedom by Micke Bundlie, Kevin O’Donnell, Bart DiLiddo (HCI; $12.95)

Camps & Programs

  • Black Enterprise Kidpreneurs Conference: 800-543-6786; blackenterprise.com
  • The Bull and Bear Investment Camp (conducted by Moody Reid Financial Advisors Inc.); 800-761-0274
  • Camp $tart-Up, Summer$tock, and Who’s Behind the Noise; 805-965-0457; www.independentmeans.com
  • Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education Stock Market Game; 212-618-0519; www.smg2000.org
  • YoungBiz Better Investing and YoungBiz ‘Trep Camps; 888-543-7929; www.youngbiz.com