Tech Startup Elluva Promotes Joy In Acts of Kindness
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

As the coupon craze continues to spread, one startup is hoping to revolutionize the way consumers and merchants exchange deals. But before it gets down to business, the new online coupon service Elluva is imparting social good on the Internet and beyond.

The San Francisco-based company launched “Inflict Joy,” which strives to get more people in the tech community involved with creative acts of kindness. The first part of the campaign, “Fast for Joy,” began this week with the goal of raising $10,000 by December 1. To participate, people are asked to fast for one meal and donate the cost of the meal.

“The whole basis of ‘Inflict Joy’ is to unite and connect within the tech community and do something meaningful for the world,” Elluva CEO Alex Sok told Mashable.

The campaign is a clever way to create buzz about the new company and promote social responsibility. Hopefully Elluva’s products will live up to the expectations but, in the meantime, the “Inflict Joy” campaign is promoting positivity and creating a good image for the company.

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