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Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs


egnyte2Sometimes remote access is not enough. That’s where cloud computing comes into play. Web services such as and store files and prevent lost data.

Pros: These Websites will automatically store everything from your computer onto a virtual server on the Internet not only allowing you to access the information from anywhere but also providing automated backup to whatever changes you make. The user no longer has to worry about keeping track of which saved version on which computer is the most recent. Now there is only one version and it is safely stored in one place that is accessible anywhere and to any employee who needs it.

Cons: With any storage and remote access Website security is the main attribute of concern for some small business owners. “When you work with any type of cloud computing facility you have to be careful with the terms and conditions,” says Chris Curtis, founder and director of Newark, Delaware-based Web Business Ownership, a company for online entrepreneurs and host to the WebWise Business Radio Show. “In some cases you are agreeing to give up rights to your material,” she adds.

Costs: A one-year subscription to costs $54.95, while 1 terabyte of space (equivalent to 1024 gigabytes) on Egnyte will cost $15 per user for up to 10 users.

Other products that offer similar services:

Microsoft’s Small Business Servers has licenses that range from $1,089 to $3,780.