Top Ten marijuana smoking countries
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10 Countries That Consume the Most Marijuana


2. Zambia

Use: 17.7% of the population
Status: Illegal
Population: 14.54 million (2013) Approx.
Smoking marijuana is illegal in Zambia and therefore any violation of the law is punishable by appropriate penalties.
Though smoking and growing marijuana is illegal here, says “a lot of people still smoke weed especially in depressed areas of the country. The laws about marijuana apply to the entire country so it is best to be careful. The laws are tough but implementation is a bit lax however especially for locals.”

The Journal also notes, “The police do not seem to care much about the use of marijuana among people. Though it is illegal, the police are strict especially with those below 18 years old. As a tourist however, you should be careful because you are in a different country. The police see tourists smoking marijuana differently compared to locals so you better respect this matter and avoid getting caught. Zambia is a depressed African country so you end up paying for your freedom in some instances.”