Black History, Black Future: 10 Women in Entertainment
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Our History, Our Future: 10 Female Phenoms in Entertainment

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In interviews, award ceremonies and daytime TV programs, Oprah often thanks the way makers and door openers who proceeded her. When speaking of her chained ancestors or pioneering figures, such as Toni Morrison, she has been known to quote, “I come as one, but I stand as 10,000.”

Like Oprah, the famous words paraphrased from Maya Angelou’s Our Grandmothers inspires our overwhelming gratitude for the trailblazers and their sacrifice. But it also kindles our fiery pride for those currently among us, carrying the torch to new heights.

In celebration of black history and black future, we draw on leading women and their successors. First up are women in entertainment. Take a look through the following pages and share your favorite stars.