The 3 Most Appropriate Gifts for Your 'Situationship'

The 3 Most Appropriate Gifts for Your ‘Situationship’

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The holidays are approaching and so is the all important question: What do I give my significant other for Christmas? Well, what if your significant other isn’t quite so significant? The “situationship” is an all too real reality of dating now. It’s someone you like, but for whatever reason he or she isn’t your official boo. Still, you like them enough to want to kick it with them, talk to them fairly exclusively and spend intimate moments with them, so they mean something to you — even if you don’t quite know what that something is.

So, do you get this person a gift?

The decision (to give or not to give) can actually set a different tone in the situation…ship. And, the type of gift can send a message that you may or may not want to send. So, here are a few suggestions on what to get your “friend”:

1. Fancy Toiletry Kit: You like this person, you want them to stick around, right? Buy the supplies that say hey, I want you around. Pack a nice toothbrush, their favorite brand of personal hygiene products and some sexy underwear in a nice basket.

2. A Semi/Pseudo Date: Do you spend the majority, if not all, of your time cooped up in the house? Well, try something a little different for Christmas. Since this person is a step up from a booty call — even if he or she isn’t (?) the “one” — take them to your favorite low-key spot. There’s no harm in having fun and it’s not a fancy dinner so that.

3. Gift Card: Nothing says non-commitment more than a gift card, especially the bank card kind. If you’re feeling giving and you want to stick with the ambiguous theme, give a gift card for the holidays.