BE Modern Man Spotlights - The Ad Men: Meet Jarrett Cobbs

[The Ad Men] Meet Jarrett Cobbs

Although Cobbs attended the best schools and had access to the most worldly perspectives being in marketing was never a real option for him. “Men of color are extremely creative and there is a serious need for more of our creatives to be seen and celebrated excelling outside the realms of sports, music and entertainment,” Cobbs tells BE Modern Man. “We must be represented in this industry because we are the archetypes for a new kind of creative entrepreneur.”

As more of our creatives emerge, the younger generation will be able to see the opportunities that exist in advertising and marketing. “I take personal interest in the careers of younger marketers and try to give them good advice on how to avoid the mistakes that I have made,” says Cobbs. “We want the next generation to be better, but we have to arm them with the trade secrets that we learned through trial and error. It’s the difference between good, great and iconic.”

The game is changing and Team Epiphany understands that remaining on top means staying abreast of the current trends and having a vision for what’s to come. “Being a BE Modern Man means being flexible. Culture and business are moving at the speed of light and you must be ready to adjust if you want to succeed in this game.

The team salutes Jarrett Cobbs and Team Epiphany on their foresight and understanding of how influencer engagement would change the advertising and marketing industry. We are proud to call him a BE Modern Man and look forward to seeing the impact Team Epiphany makes of the changing landscape of advertising and marketing.

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