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The Apprentice 2010: Task 4 Performance Review

That said, the person I would have axed never even had to face Trump’s firing line: Brandy. It’s true that Tyana should have thrown out some alternative ideas when she realized that Brandy’s was fatally flawed, but her failure to do so is not why her team lost the task. Besides, the entire team was arrayed against Tyana and Mahsa effectively blocked her input by sending her (along with Poppy and Liza) out for supplies on Day 1 of the task. By Day 2, when Mahsa decided to directly involve Tyana on the task, it was too late for her to make a difference, even if she wasn’t so obviously convinced of Fortitude’s impending defeat. Bottom line: Fortitude lost the task because of a bad concept, and that concept was Brandy’s idea–as she would have been quick to claim had Fortitude won.

Interim Evaluations of the Black Candidates: Gene was impressive on this task. He came up with the popcorn food-fight idea that was the basis for the public spectacle that won this task. See what Gene had to say as a surprise guest at last night’s live chat at

I don't get why, as a public relations pro, Kelly didn't see that Tyana was right about Fortitude's concept.

We got to see and hear much more from Kelly on this task; she comes off as professional, polished, hard-working and cool under fire. However, I was surprised (and somewhat disappointed) that she, as a public relations pro, did not recognize that Tyana was right–Fortitude’s concept was not a guerilla marketing video stunt, but a standard commercial. Had Kelly agreed with Tyana and come up with an idea that truly fit the client’s request, I believe she’d have stood out as a star in this talent pool, no matter how her team fared on this task.

Liza is a mystery to me at this point. She worked hard on the task, which is good. She defended a weak, losing concept–not so good. She correctly pointed out that Mahsa excluded her, Tyana and Poppy during the creative development of their concept on Day 1 of the task, but threw Tyana under the bus anyway. Mahsa rewarded Liza by bring her along to Trump’s firing line anyway. In the end, once Tyana got the axe, she walked hand-in-hand with Mahsa away from the boardroom–just as Tyana had done with Mahsa when Nicole Chiu was fired after Task 1. Part of me believes Liza is smart and tough enough to become Trump’s next apprentice. Part of me says I should add her to my “Dead Men Walking” list.

Dead Men Walking: David stays on this list of job candidates who have no chance of becoming Trump’s next apprentice; only his broken tooth prevented him from playing his usual role of disruptive basket case this week. Project Manager Clint was so thrilled he practically offered to drive David to the dentist. (Remember when Omarosa got hit in the head by falling plaster during the first season of The Apprentice?) I’m also keeping Mahsa on the list, despite her doing a fair job of managing her team in the execution of a flawed concept. (Mahsa, via Twitter, has assured me that I’ll be eating my words).

So, you know what I think: Tyana got a raw deal. Liza has me totally confused. And Brandy should have been fired. Do you agree? Why or why not? And what business lessons did you take away from this task? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it!