The Art of Being a "One Man Band" Entrepreneur

The Art of Being a ‘One Woman Band’ Entrepreneur

(Image: Alex Elle)

A large part of being a successful savvy small business women is the ability to brilliantly navigate the ins and outs of your business and industry–sometimes this means becoming a jack of all trades and possessing the unique capability to seamlessly manage each aspect of your business yourself without any help from partners or outside professionals.

Author, jewelry designer, speaker and serial entrepreneur Alex Elle is a one-woman band when it comes to producing and marketing her many projects. She believes that it is imperative for women to learn all aspects of their business. “It’s so important that we [women] learn how to do things on our own,” said Elle. “Learn your tools.”

The 25-year-old poet says she invested in a professional-grade camera and special lenses to photograph her handmade products so that she was no longer dependent on outside photographers, and she also learned how to use Photoshop to edit photos for blogging, social media and product production.

Elle suggests women take advantage of professional development courses, classes that teach hard skills and and online resources to aid in your entrepreneurial needs and relies on the several project management tools and outsourcing websites that work to aid in productivity for your small business; and Elle makes it clear, that she never wants to place all of her creative control into the hands of another, therefore she makes it her business to “do it all,” no matter the venture.