The Challenges And Advantages Of Longevity

takes more than being a brand-loyal consumer of a product when choosing a set of companies. It requires building a diverse portfolio of well-researched stocks—a process that chief researcher Oris Armstrong oversees—and evaluating a company’s history, management, revenue and profit growth, and price-to-earnings ratio.

Since half of the club is comprised of senior citizens, members are not dependent on the club for retirement income. Most have invested in teachers’ annuity plans and other such retirement vehicles. They view participation in WIM 2000 as having a greater say in how a portion of their money is managed. “We want to be able to show our children and grandchildren that this is a viable, profitable vehicle.”

WIM 2000’S Top Five Holdings

Company Exchange/
ConAgra NYSE: CAG 33%
Pfizer NYSE: PFE 32
Wal-Mart NYSE: WMT 25
Merck NYSE: MRK 3
Southern Co. NYSE: SO 2
*AS OF FEB. 27, 2003