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The Cutting Edge: Five Tips for Securing a Summer Internship

Travel off the beaten path: Focus your search on nontraditional internship opportunities such as start-up companies, non-profit organizations and civic groups, Ramos says. “Many non-profits are looking for interns this year because they don’t have the level of staffing and funding they had in previous years” she says. Also, try looking into local parks and recreation centers, as well as summer school programs.

Ditch the cash for credit: It’s the final hour and unfortunately interning for cash may be an absolute long shot (though not a completely out of the question). Be open to the idea of interning for credit. Again, for many college freshmen and sophomores even getting college credit is out of the question, so you’ll need to be open to interning solely for networking and professional experience. But the return will surely be great, especially for underclassmen, as it can put you a step ahead of your peers. Consider splitting your summer between working a part-time, paying job and an unpaid internship. “Think about what kind of skills you’re going to learn from an internship,” says Deborah Halliday, assistant director of career services at Boston University.

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