'The Last OG's' Janet Hubert Hospitalized With Unknown Health Issue

‘The Last OG’s’ Janet Hubert Hospitalized With Unknown Health Issue

Janet Hubert, hospital, Will Smith
Photo Courtesy of Janet Hubert/ Instagram

Actress Janet Hubert, known affectionately as “The Original Aunt Viv,” shared words of wisdom after a recent hospital visit for an unknown health concern. 

In a now-deleted post on Instagram, the 65-year-old veteran entertainer wrote a poignant post about anger and dealing with people. 

“Don’t waste precious time people in anger,” Hubert captioned with a photo from her Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion with Will Smith in 2020. 

“Yes people will do you wrong and you must fight for truth no matter how long, and IF you can get the TRUTH you seek…find love again as we have. Life is too short as I am in hospital as I write this to all of you. Holding onto anger will eat you alive. But truth at any cost.”

Hubert also added a bit for her former T.V. nephew, “Reputation is PRICELESS. I LOVE YOU WILL, for being strong enough to tell truth, and share your hurts and trauma. Now we close the doors and live our lives. PEACE OUT!”

She also took to Instagram on November 22 to express her gratitude for her role on TBS’ The Last OG

“It has been an amazing year for me. I have had physical setbacks but worked through them. Lost another brother😥As we prepare to give thanks don’t forget those who are in need. There were moments I fed my son and I didn’t eat, while signing autographs along my escape out of LA. Work is nice, but it is just that,” Hubert wrote.


We wish her a speedy recovery.