The Weekend Update: June 8th

The Weekend Update: June 8th

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The weekend is never quite long enough, and it seems as though there’s always too much to do. With so many things happening, who can keep up? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered; here are a some of the things that happened this past weekend – in case you missed it.

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News: Texas Cops Crash Pool Party

Over the weekend, disturbing footage circulated via social media of police in McKinney, Texas appearing to raid a children’s pool party. The footage shows one cop, frantically chasing several of the young party goes through the street before forcing them to sit down in the grass and on the sidewalk. Minutes later the officer approaches a group of young women yelling at them to leave the scene. Abruptly the officer leaves the sight of the camera before returning dragging a young girl through the grass before forcing her face into the dirt, seemingly without cause. Moments later as others approach the cop questioning his tactics, he pulls his gun briefly causing the onlookers to step further back. Per a report, the officer has been placed on administrative leave as of Sunday. In a statement released Sunday, McKinney Mayor Brian Loughmiller says, “Having seen the YouTube video, I am disturbed and concerned by the incident and actions depicted in the video”. In response to the event, local Garland, Texas NAACP chapter President Ricky McNeal issue this statement; “The NAACP has serious concerns about the overbearing response, specifically the officer’s unreasonable brandishing and the aiming of his firearm at 13, 14 and 15-year-old teens who had broken no laws. We are concerned because the level of force applied did not match the alleged resistance exhibited by the teens. Tomorrow NAACP leaders, including myself, National Board Member Bob Lydia and NAACP Arlington Branch President Alisa Simmons, will meet with MPD Chief Greg Conley.”

New: Cops Clash With Concert Goers At Summer Jam

The massive annual concert hosted by radio station Hot 97 caused a stir on social media this weekend – after ticket holding patrons were denied entry into the event. During the concert, which was headlined by acts like Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, and Big Sean – a report surfaced that state police fired tear gas canisters into the crowd that gathered outside, as well as pepper-sprayed at least one person, all as the concert went on inside New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. A statement from Emmis New York, which owns Hot 97, said that refunds will be offered for ticket holders whose tickets were not scanned. They said the concert sold out Sunday evening and that “a small number of people created an unsafe environment, and for the safety of all guests, the New Jersey State Police were on scene to disperse the crowd.” The gates to get inside were then closed and no one else was allowed in.” It’s currently unclear if there were any injuries sustained.

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