These Entrepreneurs Are Helping Black Millennials Travel Better - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

Two African American women, Alishia Richardson and Randi Williams, created the company We Go Too in order to help black millennials with their travels abroad. In a world where traveling seems inaccessible, Richardson and Williams are tackling this feat by providing users with country information that includes all of the essential info they need to know before landing in the country, pro tips from insiders who have already been to these destinations, and travel guides that include custom-curated recommendations.

The two met six years ago on a trip to the Dominican Republic in a teach abroad program, and that is where the idea for the business was born. “We were in these small villages and actually for the orientation of the program, they put us in the same room together. We were the only black participants. In being in such a close proximity, we started to get to know each other and share some of our passions and one shared passion that we had was international travel,” stated the ladies in an interview on the Ten Thousand Africans podcast.

Their main goal is to add value to black millennials who previously have felt like traveling internationally is a foreign concept, no pun intended. “At the core of our mission, we look to provide international travel tips to black millennials as well as increase the visibility of black travelers in general,” they continued.

One of the biggest challenges that they’ve faced in the business so far is being a two-woman show. “We have to do all of the emailing and all of the social media. We pretty much have our hands on everything. That would probably be the biggest challenge when it comes to running, We Go Too.”

With the company being a little over two years old, the ladies are starting to find some footing and with the traction that they are seeing, hopefully they will find additional means of funding to expand their team. Check out the site here.