This Black Woman Went From $21,000 to $1 Million Selling an Online Course

This Black Woman Went From $21,000 to $1 Million Selling an Online Course

Danielle Pierce is the Founder of Profit Preservation Mastery.
(Image Credit: Studio A'Darah) Danielle Pierce, Property Preservation Mastery

In 2017, Danielle Pierce earned a little over $21K in her online course, Property Preservation Mastery. By the end of 2020, her course sales skyrocketed as she hit the $1 million dollar mark for the first time in a single year.

“I’ve had to hone my skills as a builder for a lot of years,” Pierce posted on Facebook. “I’ve done good in that role. But my ability to multiply is out of this world.”

Meet the Woman Behind the Online Course

Danielle Pierce is the founder of Property Preservation Mastery. She helps individuals create profitable six-figure businesses, without the stress of selling or building a team. Pierce specializes in a little-known real estate industry niche called Property Preservation. She’s been a full-time real estate entrepreneur since getting laid off from her corporate job in 2007.

As Pierce went from employee to entrepreneur, she tested the waters in several areas of real estate. It wasn’t until she stumbled upon property preservation that she was able to accumulate her first $1 million. This untapped money-making opportunity allowed her to find and manage subcontractors to perform repair and maintenance for bank owned properties.

Now, Pierce shares her expertise in an online course. Through her course, she helps individuals getting started in real estate understand how easy it is to earn money in the property preservation niche, if they are willing to put in the time to learn her system.

The Secret to Developing a Successful Online Course

Pierce gives credit to her coach, Thomas K.R. Stovall, for helping her to build a profitable business. Through his guidance, her online course sales increased over 4,000% in less than three years.

“He’s the single driving factor behind why there has been and will continue to be such a massive, predictable growth of revenue for Real Estate Profit Lab,” Pierce mentioned in a Facebook post. “If you’re great at what you do, are laser focused, and a bona fide subject matter expert, I’m here to tell you that working with a specialist will change your life.”

In an email interview with Black Enterprise, Pierce noted that Stovall has helped her achieve the following goals:

  • Build a business that serves me and not a business that I serve
  • Develop an entire sales system NOT just a few sales pages
  • Shift from “selling” to attraction-based marketing
  • Set the foundation for massive scaling without losing my mind
  • Develop patience and mindfulness around the business

The Other Side of Entrepreneurship

According to a report released by American Express, Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, Black women also have the lowest annual revenue numbers.

“This is a big reason why a lot of entrepreneurs fizzle out altogether,” Pierce said. “They have bought 100% into the idea that offering their time and expertise for pennies is the best way to help the community. It isn’t.”

She adds, “There’s a lot that goes into setting your pricing, but you need to understand that how you establish those numbers will directly correlate to the quality of life you have.”

After a decade of trial and error, Pierce has learned valuable lessons that will help other entrepreneurs. “Strong vetting upfront, a crystal clear customer avatar, expectation setting, and being able to articulate and deliver consistent results for the customer is how you create a profitable and enjoyable business. In other words, don’t take everyone’s money.”

For entrepreneurs who are ready to multiply their revenue this year, Pierce offers this advice: “Don’t run your life around your business. Set up your business to live the life you want.”