Black Woman Entrepreneur Raises $83K To Open Bookstore In California
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This Female Entrepreneur Raised Over $80K On GoFundMe To Open Black Bookstore For Women In Inglewood

Salt Eaters Bookstore
Image via @thesalteaters/Instagram

Asha Grant grew a love for reading at a young age. Even though she loved indulging in different books, she hardly ever saw books that featured characters who look like her. Now, Grant is finally getting her wish and is opening up her own bookstore dedicated to Black women and femmes in Inglewood, California.

When the pandemic hit, Grant didn’t give up on dreams of owning a bookstore. She opted to start a GoFundMe page to crowdfund the start of her new business venture.

“When I was growing up, reading was a really huge part of how I got to understand myself,” Grant said in an interview with NBC Los Angeles.” There’s a huge disservice that our community gets when there is an entire group of people who are missing from that narrative.”

Grant established a goal of raising $65,000 to fund her start-up costs and secure her physical storefront through GoFundMe which she managed to reach and surpass her goal, gaining a total of over $83,000 to start her dream. Grant was able to open The Salt Eaters Bookshop in her hometown and shared with NBC Los Angeles that she plans to officially open its doors by February 2021.

The bookshop celebrated raising all the funds to open their storefront on the official Instagram page, thanking their supporters for bringing them this far.

“In 2020, thousands of you showed up and showed out to help secure a three-year lease for a literary sanctuary dedicated to the stories by and about Black women, femmes, and non-binary people in Inglewood, CA,” she wrote in her caption. “Thank you, thank you, thank you (!!!) for believing in the” dream.”