This Highly-Rated App is The Fastest Way to Learn a New Language
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This Highly-Rated App is The Fastest Way to Learn a New Language

Image via Ketut Subiyanto

Building and maintaining a successful business in America is hard, but those successful enough to expand and appeal to an international audience will face an even tougher set of challenges. For one, doing business beyond our borders requires communication with multinational partners and what better way to bridge the language gap than by learning a new language?

That doesn’t mean you need to go back to school for sit-in language classes. You’re busy running your company, so you need simple, practical lessons that work with your schedule. Memrise offers just that. This top language learning app has over 1.3 million reviews on the Google Play store and over 150k reviews on the iOS store, and you can get a lifetime subscription for $99.99, or 28% off.

How do you actually learn?

Do you remember how you first learned your first language? It definitely wasn’t from a book or in a classroom. You learned it naturally through observation and action. Memrise is the same. This language learning app uses a natural, three-step approach to teach you new languages using real-life words and phrases—no strict grammar rules necessary. There are 22 languages to choose from, and the audio and video clips are naturally voiced by real locals, so you’ll learn the proper way to pronounce and structure your speech. 

The best way to learn is by setting goals and daily reminders within the app so that you remember to practice your language skills. Memrise adjusts to each user’s skill level by providing a learning path with just the right level of difficulty, keeping things fun and challenging. If you need an even greater challenge, Memrise has a leaderboard that allows you to compete against other learners. 

Knowing a foreign language or two will keep your business competitive and help you build relationships with potential partners abroad. Memrise can help you learn these new languages the same way as you learned your first. Lifetime subscriptions are on sale right now for $99.99, or 28% off. 

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