This Rhythmic Massager Will Help Keep You Calm As You Run Your Busy Life

This Rhythmic Massager Will Help Keep You Calm As You Run Your Busy Life

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This is it. Crunch time. Q4. Your last shot to boost the balance sheet, impact your annual numbers, and close out 2021 with a nice little surge to your wallet. Holiday dollars are flying around — and savvy professionals know now’s the time to stick their hand up into that jetstream and pull down as much cash as they can.

It’s no secret that this season is stressful. Now, more than any other time of the year, is when crazed business owners and managers need to occasionally take a step back, re-center, and clear their heads to achieve the zen-like vision they need to succeed during all this stress.

The Lyric rhythm therapy massager is all about creating that calm. It’s a handheld wellness device that goes beyond intense muscle pounding to promote soothing sensations that relieve pain, quiet the mind, and rejuvenate the senses.

The Lyric is a smart massage therapy tool that puts just as much emphasis on helping users find the rhythm of their own wellness as massaging muscles into relaxation. Combining touch and movement with vibroacoustic frequencies, this WiFi-enabled device stimulates the nervous system, offering a fully customizable approach to personal health based on needs and preferences.

While massage guns focus on power and percussive force to break up tight, tensed muscles, the Lyric’s therapy isn’t so harsh. Through the intuitive, easy to use touchscreen, users access their own individually chosen wave-like pattern that’s designed to feel like a natural rhythm.

While the vibrations accomplish those percussive therapy goals of increasing blood flow, breaking up tightness and helping tired muscles recover, the pulses also soothe body and mind while heightening your senses and boosting energy to leave users fully blissed out after use.

With Lyric’s guided therapies, users don’t even have to think about changing the settings, making for a truly relaxing, tranquil experience.

“I love that it has pre-loaded settings that can help guide me through certain ways to use the device depending on your goal; relax, calm, pain relief, and energy,” said Lyric user, Jackie. “The screen shows me exactly where to place the device on my body and then automatically prompts me through a guided session.”

On top of all that functionality, the Lyric is a pretty serious looker too. Powering up in its accompanying cradle, it comes in five different colors including terracotta, blueprint, stone, granite, and slate. It’s also small and light enough to slip easily into a purse or bag so you can enjoy on the go relaxation wherever it’s needed.

Shoppers can start reaping the benefits of the next stage in personal wellness now with the Lyric rhythm therapy massager, now available with both free shipping as well as a free 1-year warranty just in case. Take your wellness journey to the next level with Lyric’s rhythm therapy!