This Wireless Camera Set Offers Secure Protection

This Wireless Camera Set Offers Secure Protection

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Of all of the places to feel safe, there’s nothing that should fit the bill more than one’s home. Homes contain some of people’s most sacred possessions, no more sacred, than the people who dwell within them. While possessions can be replaced, there’s a certain sense of security knowing that they’re well-protected – both when you’re home and when you’re away.

The Wireless Camera Monitoring Set offers that needed protection. For a limited time, it’s available $466.95, that’s a savings of nearly 10 percent from its MSRP ($499).

Four cameras are included in this video-monitoring system, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for all that comes with your purchase. Each camera is IP, and it can be installed in any room you wish to monitor. Each camera is of HD-resolution quality and each is fitted with three infrared LEDs for nighttime monitoring.

The cameras are operated from a central monitoring hub, which has a 1TB surveillance hard drive. A 12-inch LCD monitor is the cornerstone of the central monitoring hub, as you can view activity from monitored rooms.

Easy remote access supports video preview, recording, playback, backup, motion detection, and email alarm. Each of the four cameras is IP66-weatherproof rated, meaning it’s able to withstand any condition without worry about it shortening the lifespan of the cameras.

While this monitoring system is perfect for any home, it’s just as effective in offices, shops, hotels, warehouses, businesses, or virtually anywhere. Also included with your purchase is a power supply, two surveillance warning notes, and four screw bags for each camera.

Whether you’re in another room or off on business, remote access allows you to drop in via your cell phone or computer to see what’s happening. Nothing is more comforting than peace of mind and a sense of security. This wireless camera monitoring system will give you both. Purchase it today.

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