It's Time to Give Yourself a Pep Talk

It’s Time to Give Yourself a Pep Talk

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Winning is a habit. Consider giving yourself a pep talk!

Our daily actions either propel us closer toward our goals, or contribute to a slow burial of untapped potential. But, what happens when a team starts to fumble the ball or misses too many passes during a game? The coaching staff may request a timeout, and locker room visits during halftime may include a motivational talk to refocus the team. If this approach works for successful athletes, then it can work for us.

Maybe 2016 has not manifested into what you designed on your vision board, and you might be feeling discouraged. Fortunately, the good news is, we can hit the reset button at any time. As you get back on track, you can ensure that your self-talk aligns with your dreams.

Consider the following three steps, as you install the habit of passionately delivering a personal pep talk into your daily routine.

Step 1: Remember Your Purpose


Understanding your purpose serves as the fuel igniting the fire and passion to push through during difficult times. Each of us is wired for greatness. We have a purpose to fulfill. Your desires and passion probably reveal clues to displaying your awesomeness. Pay attention to the clues. Identify your strengths, gifts, and talents. What makes you happy? What are your values?

Step 2: Speak Boldly


Next, create a playbook to win, and fill it powerful statements.

Here are a few examples:

  • “I am fulfilling my life’s purpose.”
  • “I am attracting success through hard work.”
  • “I am creating meaningful impact.”

Be positive and hopeful, not doubtful. This process may require a shift in your mindset. Our inner voice is powerful, and these thoughts greatly influence our lives.

Step 3: Practice!


Visualize yourself winning! Also, schedule an appointment for your pep talk in your planner. You can recite your positive statements as you get ready for work, or during your commute. How about using a dry erase board in your home office? Note, the approach will vary by person and specific need. You can also reinforce your personal vision and smart goals, through this motivational exercise.

Most of all, be sure to infuse passion, as you give yourself a pep talk. Each day is another opportunity to install world class habits, which serve as a strong foundation for our dreams.

We become and achieve what we believe!



Kaydian Comer is career and leadership development coach. Follow her @kaydiancomer.