How To Tap Into the Job Network You Didn’t Know You Had

How To Tap Into the Job Network You Didn’t Know You Had

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It’s always been said that a job seeker can’t just find a job posting resumes online. Who one knows and how one connects with those people can determine whether a new job is obtained or a resume is thrown in the garbage.

But how do you maximize on your network? What if you don’t even recognize that you have a network to tap into? Brazen Careerist offers ways you can tap into the people you’ve met, worked for, helped or collaborated with to land that next dream gig:

Get organized

Write down information pertaining to the people in your job network. Bust out an Excel database to keep track of what your current connections are doing and where they’ve been. Some things to note when creating your document:

  • Contact information: Do you even still have their number or email?
  • How you know them: If your list starts getting long, this column will help you keep track.
  • Past jobs: Are any of the companies they’ve worked for on your radar? Are there job openings at these companies?
  • Current position: Does their employer have any job openings that you’re interested in?

Not sure of some of the answers? Try using LinkedIn to see if these connections have completed profiles. If you’re friends with them on Facebook, you can also take a look at their employment history or reach out via direct message for more information.

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