4 Good Reasons Volunteering Helps Your Job Search

4 Good Reasons Volunteering Helps Your Job Search

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The plight to find employment can be quite frustrating and for some can mean long periods of being without that full-time gig. Well, what better way to spend your time — and uplift your spirits—than to give back. Here are ways volunteering not only enriches those you’re helping but can ultimately help you:

Be the first to know when a job opens up. Even if no jobs are available when you hop on board as a volunteer, something could always change. Someone might leave for another job, the non-profit could receive extra funding to hire a new employee or temporary help might be needed when a new mother takes her maternity leave.

When these situations happen, people with the power to hire will likely want to interview someone who’s already familiar with internal processes and has demonstrated a passion for the organization’s mission–someone like a volunteer.

If this best-case scenario were to happen, the organization will choose from the best of the best volunteers. So even though you’re not getting paid, treat your job as a volunteer as if it’s a real job. Be punctual, work hard, don’t complain when tasked with seemingly unimportant duties and try your best to get along with other volunteers and staff.

If you’re a reliable and well-liked volunteer, you’ll be at the top of the list when a position opens up.

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