Today is International Youth Day: Here’s How You Can Get Involved

Every year since 2000, the United Nations has designated August 12th to bring awareness to the cultural issues affecting youth worldwide.

According to a UN Statement, “The engagement and participation of youth is essential to achieve sustainable human development. Yet often the opportunities for youth to engage politically, economically and socially are low or non-existent.” Under the theme of “Youth Civic Engagement several events and activities are being held to amplify the voices of youth and bring them together to address issues in social and political engagement such as lack of education, HIV infection and awareness, and violence against young women and girls.

If you’re ready to spread awareness, take action or simply join the conversation online, there are several events, online movements and celebrations happening around the globe.

To find events in your area check out the International Youth Map here . You can also share your #YouthDay or #YouthNow stories on inspiring young people driving change in your communities on your social media platforms.

[For an inside look at the events happening, check out the storify recap below]