Top 5 Cool Jobs for the Fashion Crazed

Top 5 Cool Jobs for the Fashion Crazed


There’s more to the fashion industry in terms of employment than being the model or the designer. In today’s fast-paced industry, and with technology driving innovations, the employment options are almost unlimited. If you’re able to bring savvy, training and ingenuity to the table, the fashion industry can be your playground.

Check out cool jobs where you can earn a just-as-cool living in the fashion industry, beyond the top-of-mind options:

1. Brand Manager
This is a job where you’d be responsible for strategies on product placement,  marketing and prime audience engagement with a particular brand. You’d also work with brands for partnerships that would maximize its presence in stores, on the Web and in the hearts and minds of the general public (consumer.) The great thing about a job like this is that you’d be able to have a hand in several facets of the industry and might even get to see a product go from fabric and threads to a lifestyle staple.

Salary: Varies (Up to $100,000+)