Top 5 Cool Jobs for Introverts

Top 5 Cool Jobs Perfect for Introverts

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It’s great to find a job that matches your personality, and often, a great match equals higher productivity and better results for a company and its employees. Ensuring that a company’s culture properly marries with personality can be challenging, but some jobs are a better fit than others. In terms of introverts and extroverts, finding the right professional mate in terms of a job is important.

According to Psychology Today, introverts, or those who don’t necessarily prefer always being noticed or the loudest person in the room, make up 16% to 50% of the population. Introverts on the job might find tasks that allow them to be analytical and alone with their thoughts ideal. There are many options out there that include these types of tasks, but check out five cool ones with a nice salary that are said to be perfect for this type of worker:

1. Astronomer
Salary: Up to $106,000+


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