Get Into This: 3 Motivating Resources to Boost Your Work Day

3 Motivating Resources to Recharge Your Day

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Hey, some of us wake up with the Monday Blues on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and on into Friday. Well, experts say that positive affirmations and inspirational words heard at the onset of the day and help get rid of those cases of the blah.

Though there are thousands of podcasts to download— maybe so many you’re over the whole concept—check out these five fave mood-boosting picks from professionals who say the words of wisdom help them start and finish their work days on the right track:

“My all-time favorite is Joel Osteen‘s podcasts, [specifically], ‘Hit the Delete Button.’ Everyday is a new day. What’s happened in the past is just that — the past.” —Stan S. Mukoro, Brand Ambassador, Mukoro Bespoke