Top States Where Elementary School Teachers Make the Most

Top States Where Elementary School Teachers Make the Most

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May 5 marked National Teacher Appreciation day in which students and parents thanked and honored teachers for their hard work and dedication in educating the next generation of leaders.

To honor this day, which is usually celebrated every year on the Tuesday of the first full week in May, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report that highlights the average annual salary for elementary school teachers in each American state. According to the data, there were around 4 million preschool, primary, secondary and special education teachers in the United States in 2014. The largest group of educators went to elementary school teachers who totaled approximately 1.4 million. Amongst those teachers, the average wage was $56,830, up from the $53,590 wage average in 2013.

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According to the report, New York came in the top spot, with an average salary of $74,830, and Mississippi came in last with an average salary of $41,010. Check the breakdown below to see what other states made the top 10 for elementary school teacher wages and click here to see how salaries in other states compare to the national average.

1. New York: $74,830

2. Alaska: $71,460

3. Connecticut: $70,820

4. California: $69,990

5. Massachusetts: $69,890

6. Rhode Island: $69,450

7. New Jersey: $67,100

8. District of Columbia: $67,010

9. Michigan: $63,640

10. Maryland: $63,050