12 Traditional Father’s Day Gifts Revamped with Tech Upgrades

12 Traditional Father’s Day Gifts Revamped with Tech Upgrades

Dad might be used to the typical, classic Father’s Day gifts: a tie, polo shirt, or golf clubs. But it’s your job as his child to upgrade him, introducing him to the cooler things in life. Whether he wants to spend the day on the green, or sporting his latest neckwear piece, there’s something out there for this special guy. In case you haven’t started shopping for Father’s Day this Sunday, June 16, Mashable highlights traditional gifts (with a tech twist) for dad to enjoy:

Ditching the Golf Clubs for SwingTip

SwingTip ($129.99)

Golfing is fun, but for newcomers it takes time and patience to get golf etiquette down pat. (No, playing from a tee outside of your skill set won’t make you look any better.) Allow SwingTip to be your “mobile swing coach.” Available for iOS and Android devices, the light, Bluetooth-enabled clip latches on to dad’s gold club, providing real-time feedback to his smartphone. The app is free.

No Golf Lessons Needed

GolfSense ($130)

Unlike SwingTIP, GolfSense straps to the back of your father’s glove. The tiny device is free and detects tempo, velocity and acceleration, relaying the information (via Bluetooth) to the GolfSense app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android.

Noticeable Neckwear Options

FreshNeck ($15 per month)

A man can never have too many neck pieces, ties to be exact. Gift your dad a selection of ties with FreshNeck, which allows him to choose from a variety of designs. He’ll receive his selections in the mail and can wear them however many times before returning them in exchange for a new batch.

Hi-Tech Arm Candy

Martian Watch ($299.00)

Dad won’t mind not receiving a Patek Phillipe or Rolex this Father’s Day. Instead, give him a stylish, tech-friendly arm piece. Martian Watch allows dad to connect his watch to his phone (via Bluetooth), respond to text messages, dial numbers with voice commands and read call notifications.

Tech-Savvy Wallet

Q Card Case ($39.99)

Overstuffing their wallets is a signature dad move. Show the special man in your life he doesn’t have to continue down the road of pocket clutter. Enter the Q Card Case, for the iPhone 4S, which lets users easily, access their phone’s screen and fit three cards and cash at the same time.

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