Trailer For 'Karen' Movie Has Twitter Making Comparisons to Jordan Peele's Movies
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Trailer For ‘Karen’ Movie Has Twitter Making Comparisons to Jordan Peele’s Movies

Jordan Peele
(Image: Twitter)

Comedian and Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele has made his mark with the hugely popular thrillers Get Out and Us, which have already become cult classics.

But they say with great success comes some form of imitation and people online are calling out a movie titled “Karen” that many are saying is a carbon copy of Peele’s movies but with a little flip of the script.

“Karen” stars “Orange Is the New Black” alum Taryn Manning as a racist white woman who makes sure she does what she has to do to terrorize her new Black neighbors.

By the way, the name “Karen” is the moniker given to white women who go out of their way to harass a Black person (or any person of color). As noted in wide-ranging news events, a Karen usually tells lies to anyone, including law enforcement, property owners, and basically anyone in a position of power in order to get a Black person punished.

The reactions to the trailer have left many making comparisons to the two movies Jordan Peele has already directed, “Get Out” and “Us.” It didn’t take long for Jordan Peele to be a trending topic on Twitter.

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