Tristan Walker Launches New Hair Line for Women of Color

Tristan Walker Launches New Hair Line for Women of Color



Following the success of Bevel, an innovative shaving solution for men that eliminates razor bumps, Walker & Co. announced the launch of a new women’s haircare line called FORM.


FORM is geared toward women of color and women with naturally curly hair. The line uses natural ingredients to continually improve hair health over time and is free of harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. The Form Collection includes the following 10 products, which range from $22–$32:

  • Clarify: Detoxing Shampoo
  • Cleanse: Gentle Shampoo
  • Hydrate: Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Revive: Restorative Conditioner
  • Multitask: 3-in-1 Leave-In Lotion
  • Define: Elongating Curl Creme
  • Sculpt: Defining Curl Gel
  • Twist: Hydrating Style Creme
  • Protect: Shielding Heat Serum
  • Polish: Moisture-Sealing Pomade


The collection also gives customers the opportunity to customize their products based on their individual needs. After taking an online FORM Consultation, women will be matched with a personal FORM Regimen. In addition, they will receive customized product combinations and usage instructions. According to a press release, “this educational model will help women better understand their own hair needs and find the right products for it—a problem that more than 73% of women still face.”


Founded by Tristan Walker in 2014, Walker & Co. specializes in health and beauty products for people of color. In a statement, Walker said he decided to expand into women’s haircare in order to meet the needs of women of color.


Tristan Walker
Tristan Walker (Image: file)


“Since the company’s inception, we’ve been working to bring this collection to life as part of our commitment to making health and beauty simple for people of color,” said the Walker & Co. Brands CEO. “We understand the huge opportunity in this vastly underserved market and have a proven track record of bringing health and beauty products to market that both fill a void, and more importantly, work.”

Walker’s decision to tap into the natural haircare business comes as no surprise since research shows that black women spend over $7 billion annually on beauty haircare products, according to Nielsen. They also spend nine times more on products geared toward black hair in comparison to the general market.

Here is the video of Tristan Walker’s powerful session at Black Enterprise’s TechConneXt Summit last year: