These Two Black Entrepreneurs Have Helped 50 Families Become Homeowners In 6 Months

These Two Black Entrepreneurs Have Helped 50 Families Become Homeowners In 6 Months

credit bros

Christopher Watson and Aaron Steede are known as the Credit Bros. They met on Facebook after responding to a post regarding the financial deficits within the black community. They both shared a passion for helping others down the path of financial success by building their credit score up and providing guidance on how to become homeowners.

Watson and Steede, prior to starting their company, noted how there was a lack of homeownership within the black community and much of that stemmed from a lack of education about credit.

Knowing that they had the knowledge to help people and the yearning to be change agents in their community, the Credit Bros was founded, with the mission of helping individuals who need financial and credit guidance.

The company has been up and running for about a year, expanding their client range from their home bases in Nashville and Atlanta to having clients all over the world. Many of their accomplishments can be seen on their website as well as social accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

Since the company went national in May of 2019, they have already helped over 50 families become homeowners. Watson and Steede’s company is growing at a fast rate and they hope to employ other passionate individuals with the knowledge to make a difference in the community. They want to continue to expand the practice beyond credit knowledge to assist clients in need of budgeting help with the goal of building wealth.

Watson comments, “We are doing this to help strengthen the communities that we came from as kids, and our focus is to teach what we weren’t taught. If you are interested in being a homeowner, we should be your first point of contact.”

With the continued positive reviews and word-of-mouth, Credit Bros would like to grow into a financial powerhouse for years to come.