New Service Offers Unlimited Business Credit Report Lookups

New Service Offers Unlimited Business Credit Report Lookups

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New Service Offers Unlimited Business Credit Report LookupsWith the typical cost of a business credit report ranging anywhere from $10 to $70 dollars, many small businesses can not afford to pay for multiply credit report look ups. A new service looks to make credit reports more affordable by offering them at a flat rate to small businesses.

Vin Gupta, founder of infoUSA and Salesgenie, the popular leads database, has created a new service called that looks to revolutionize the business credit reporting industry by providing small businesses with unlimited reports for the flat price of $29.95 a month.

Users will be able to search by business name, address, executive name, phone number, website, city, state, zip code and more. Subscribers will also be able to to access the service on-the-go using their iPad and iPhone.

There are many reasons why one would need to view another company’s credit report such as estimating a company’s credit capacity, researching vendors or suppliers, or pre-qualifying sales leads. Due to the economy many businesses could not afford to run credit reports due to cost limitations. This new service looks to remove the cost associated with a vital service every small business needs.

“With nearly 40 years of experience, I have learned that small businesses simply cannot afford to pay up to $70 for a business credit report,” says Founder, Vin Gupta. Using his service, small businesses owners can “access as many reports as they need, anytime, anywhere.”

Source: Creditjam