Unlock The Secrets Of Speed Reading With This Intuitive Product
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Unlock The Secrets Of Speed Reading With This Intuitive Product

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If you’re someone who loves books, there’s a good chance your preferred eReader is packed to the hilt with titles you’ve purchased with the hopes of getting to read soon. As most eReaders boast copious disk space, you could easily find yourself with thousands of titles just waiting to be read.

Spreeder is a super-charged eReader that uses RSVP (rapid serial visual presentation) technology to help you power through any eBook you want to read, and for a limited time, a lifetime subscription to the Spreeder Speed eReader VIP package can be yours for just $39.

That’s a savings of nearly $400 – or 90% – from its MSPR.

On sale now for $39, you can get an additional 40% off using coupon code VIP40 as a part of our VIP Sale. That drops your final price down to $23.40.

Spreeder has been feature by BuzzFeed. Lifehacker, Slate, MakeUseOf, Microsoft TechNet, among other outlets, and its vast library includes more than 20,000 titles. Spreeder enhances readers’ ability to where they can read up to three times their normal speeds. The techniques taught by Spreeder are great for anyone from those who are seeking to increase their reading speeds to parents looking to help their children with their homework.

While Spreeder comes with a hefty volume of titles, you can import your eBooks, and it supports 46 different formats. You can also add any titles you wish to include via Spreeder’s cloud. This product offers features expert’s opinions on speed reading techniques, ways to eliminate bad reading habits, and it includes 24 scientifically designed activities that will teach you proper ways to boost your reading speed.

Part of the VIP package is access to a vocabulary builder, reports and reading analytics, and the ability to include eight users on your Spreeder account. All that’s needed to enjoy Spreeder is a computer compatible with Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.6 or later, or a mobile device with iOS 12.0 or later Android 7.0 or later software.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offering and purchase this Spreeder VIP bundle today.

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