Upgrade Your Wardrobe With This Menlo Club Subscription

Upgrade Your Wardrobe With This Menlo Club Subscription

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These days, subscription services are for just about everything. Once reserved for television and movie companies such as Netflix, products like beef jerky, pet foods, coffee, and wine are now are offered monthly through subscription sites.

For fashion-focused individuals, Menlo Club offers the opportunity to receive stylish and fashion-forward curated items each month through the company’s subscription service with monthly or quarterly options.

For a limited time, purchase your first Menlo Club shipment of limited summer items for just $29.99. Included in this money-saving deal are two shirts, two pairs of pants, and a pair of shoes and socks. The items included in your first purchase have a total value of $175. Menlo Club’s fashion offerings come from clothiers like Five Four, New Republic, GRC, and Melrose Place, among others.

Here’s how to access this deal.

Buyers go to Menlo Club’s website, where they’ll take a brief style quiz and share their preferences for style, fit, and sizes. You’ll then be prompted to pay the $60 monthly fee needed to join the fashion-based community. Use the digital voucher code that you’ll receive for this initial month.

After that, each month Menlo Club will deliver two to three pieces of carefully curated apparel to your door unless you cancel. Just because you receive something in your monthly delivery doesn’t mean you have to keep it. You can exchange clothing should it not fit you correctly, and you’re also able to pause or cancel your membership at any time.

Also included in your Menlo Club membership is access to perks like lifetime discounts, promotions, and early access to releases. Furthermore, your membership gains you access to an active and burgeoning online community of other people who share your likes and interest in fashion.

Shopping should be easy, and what’s easier than having a personal shopper who knows your likes and dislikes along with your interest in designers and fashion. Take advantage of this deal today for just $29 and get a head start on building your summer wardrobe.

Prices subject to change.