How You Can Use Your Blog for Job Search
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

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From Brazen Careerist.

A blog can be more than just a Web journal or gossip rag. You can also use it to find career opportunities. When many people think of blogs they think of the day-in-the-life insights of everyday fashionistas or the latest in chit chat about celebrities’ personal lives. With today’s blogging platforms, they can be used to create resumes, house portfolios, share career-related information and find jobs.

Take a cue from these Brazen Careerist tips on how to maximize your job search with blogging:

Rethink your landing page: What does your home page look like? For most blogs, the entry point is the most recent post.

But if you’re a little behind in blogging or add new posts infrequently, a static landing page might be a better way to introduce your blog as a professional portfolio. This format might also make it easier to showcase your resume pages (see above).

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