Victoria Reese Talks What it Takes to Be a Brand Architect

Victoria Reese Talks What it Takes to Be a Brand Architect

Business development of your company is completely different from the work you do for others. Your personal business development always gets thrown to the back burner because you have to deliver for your clients. I will say that I have slept on myself a little bit and have been inconsistent and need to do better.  I need to schedule when I work on my business development and when I can do client work.  Building a good team also helps. You can have them do client work and it frees up your time to do business development to keep your business going.

On advice she has for entrepreneurs
I would say if you have an idea, you have to take yourself seriously.  People lack confidence, and you must believe in yourself and that you can do it!  A lot of people have skills, but don’t know how to turn it into a business.  You might be good at one thing, but if you don’t know how to monetize then you won’t have a business.  When you believe in yourself and take yourself serious, others will also.

Present yourself as though you know what you are talking about, that you have a plan, and that you are ready.  Also, don’t compare yourself to others.  Comparing can make you feel less than, and can make your ideas unoriginal.  Let’s say you are a graphic designer that creates a logo, if you start comparing your logo to another logo, eventually, your logo will start to look like theirs. You want to be as original, unique, and as true to yourself/services/products as possible.”

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