Victrola Bluetooth Record Player Makes the Workplace Groovy
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Victrola Bluetooth Record Player Makes the Workplace Groovy


Picture this. It’s a manic workday at the office, and you can’t believe Christmas came and went so quickly. You’re not exactly facing eviction from your home, but let’s just say you wish you could return some of those pricey gifts you gave. And to top it off, you’re out-of-town relatives are still at your house eating all the food, and now your boss is piling more work on your desk. Whew, chile!

If this sounds like your current situation, fear not because we’re pretty sure there’s some statistic to prove you’re not the only one agonizing over post-holiday blues. The holiday season naturally comes with stress; however,  music can instantly change the mood. We’ve all been in the grocery store, shopping and minding our business—but as soon as we hear a song overhead, aisle 5 turns into party central!

Amazon has the perfect gadget to give you the same vibe and an instant pick-me-up in your office. It’s the Victrola nostalgic 6-in-1 solid wood record player and multimedia player!

This item is ideal for vinyl lovers, a perfect blend of modern technology and old-school design.

The Classic Nostalgic Turntable features a 3-speed phono, a CD Player, a cassette tape player, and an AM/FM radio. With built-in Bluetooth, you can stream music from your tablet, smartphone, or MP3. That’s not all—with 3.5mm auxiliary input, USB port, and headphone jack, the turntable opens a world of musical possibilities that were unimaginable for record players in the last 70 years!

This stylish retro turntable designed with real wood construction and smart front paneling is a great conversation piece that all your co-workers will admire. Log on to Amazon today and put one in your cart to listen to all your favorite artists like Jay-Z, Kirk Franklin, Cardi B, and more.

Your mental health deserves it!