Want To Be A Millionaire? Here's Your Chance!

Want To Be A Millionaire? Here’s Your Chance!


Inflation happens constantly, but this year, everyone — businesses and individuals alike — have been hit hard. According to reports, inflation jumped by 9.1 percent in June, the highest increase since 1981. Prices of everything from gas to food to services are nearly at an all-time high, hurting our bank balances as a result.

Attempting to combat inflation may be futile at this point, so the best you can do is ride it out, budget better, and hold out until prices finally level off. It’s also worth finding ways to bring in more cash, but we all know that’s not easy. However, if you consider yourself lucky, The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle can turn you into an instant millionaire. All you have to do is complete this exciting puzzle. For a limited time, you can grab it on sale for an exclusive price.

First things first, The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle is brought to you by MSCHF, the makers of The One Million Dollar Puzzle. This time around, instead of having just one puzzle with the jackpot prize, two puzzle sets in circulation contain $1 million each. Buy one set and try your luck at winning a million, or buy two sets to get the chance to win $2 million.

The 500-piece puzzle is unlike any other, as it challenges you to complete a technicolored QR code. Once completed, you then scan to find out how much you’ve won. There are really no losers here — your earnings range up to $1 to $1 million. Whatever the case, you’ll receive it immediately either via digital check or the banking app of your choice.

Times are rough, so why not take a chance? At the very least, you’ll have fun putting the puzzle together. From now until July 27, you can score The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle on sale for only $24.99, with free shipping to boot.

Prices subject to change.