[WATCH] Can Spirituality Make You Wealthy?

[WATCH] Can Spirituality Make You Wealthy?

Anyone who believes in a higher power, whether you call it God, the Source, the Divine, etc., has likely experienced moments when anxiety from financial issues becomes so overwhelming that you forget about things like faith and trust, quicker than you can say Amen.

As many spiritual teachers and teachings tell us however, “fear not.” It is in those very moments of doubt and confusion that we should remember our courage, let go, and believe.

Spiritual teacher and author, Deepak Chopra, says bringing a higher power into our financial lives is even easier than that. Chopra – who gained widespread popularity after an interview on The Oprah Winfrey show in the 1990’s, and is followed by trailblazers such as Russell Simmons – says by simply becoming aware of the 26 principles he lays out in his book Creating Affluence:  The A to Z steps to a Richer Life, and reading or listening to the list once a day, attitudes and behaviors will undergo a transformation that will spontaneously bring wealth into our lives.

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In the book Chopra uses the letters of the alphabet to make the principles easy for his audience to follow and remember. ‘D,’ for example, stands for Dharma. Each of us has a Dharma, or ‘purpose’ in life Chopra says. Connect to that purpose and the demand will come.  I’ stands for intent and intention. “In order to acquire wealth—or for that matter, anything in the physical universe—you must intend it, make a decision to go for it,” he writes.  ‘J’ stands for judging.  Chopra says when we relinquish our tendency to judge and classify things as ‘good or bad’  ‘right or wrong,’ etc., our minds get quiet. This allows us to hear our higher intelligence through mechanisms such as instinct and intuition. These are the very mechanisms that will show us the steps towards an abundant life according to Chopra. We just need to be still enough to hear their messages.

Whatever, your take on spirituality and money, millions of people follow Deepak Chopra’s teachings and use him as a guide in their efforts to connect with something bigger than the limitations of their minds.

Watch below if you want to take his challenge. He says just listen or read the list every day and see what happens. Also share your thoughts and experiences with me: @stisdale1.

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